Storefront Help

In this section we shall deal with:

  • What is a Storefront.
  • Features of Storefronts.
  • Benefits of Storefronts.
  • Storefront Pricing.
  • How to set up your own Storefront.

What is a Storefront?

A Storefront is like your own personalised store that you can add all your listings to and brand it with your own company information. A Storefront gives you advantage of profiling your company as well the opportunity to highlight your listings. When site visitors open your Storefront they will experience a personalized look with your listings, logo, unique category browsing and personal extra pages.You can even send news letters to your subscribers.

If you have a storefront your current active listings will be populated into your storefront. Our software will automatically detect your active listings and insert them into your Storefront by giving you the option into which category you would like to add your listing. You also have the option to set up your own personal Storefront category structure and have your active listings displayed within the appropriate categories.

Features of Storefronts

  • Brand your store with your own Logo - You can upload your own logo to personalize the Storefront.
  • Add a welcome note - You can upload your own slogan or welcome message if you choose.
  • Customise your own categories - You can set up your own category structure specific to your Storefront.
  • Create extra pages - You can create extra pages within your Storefront to provide additional information to your visitors. For instance, you can create an "About Us" page or a "Terms & Conditions" page.
  • Find us on Google Maps - you can add your physical store location using Google Maps.
  • Newsletter Signup - You can offer the ability for site visitors to subscribe to your "newsletter" by having the visitor submit their email address. Each "newsletter" that you sends out are recorded for later recall if you wish. All subscribers are recorded in your Storefront Manager tool.
  • Storefront Browsing - Visitors will browse your Storefront just as if they were browsing the main site, except that they will only see your listings.

Benefits of Storefronts

A Storefront allows you the benefit from the marketing and promotion done by our website. When we promote Classified Musical, we are also promoting your Storefront encouraging customers to view our site and therefore yours at the same time. Because a Storefront is given your Brand Identity, you are able to talk to your visitors and showcase any products and services that you offer.

Storefront Pricing

Listing ads into your storefront is free. You can add as many listing ads to your storefront as you wish. The cost to subscribe to a Storefront €99.00 for 365 days. Your ads will appear in your storefront for 30 days after which time you can renew your ads for free.

Once you have set up your Storefront and paid your Storefront Subscription you can choose any of the following listing options:

How to set up your own Storefront

  1. Go to your account.
  2. Click on 'Add Storefront Subscription' in the listing cart.
  3. Select the 'subscription'
  4. Pay for your storefront.

Once you have completed this and your order has been approved, which is immediate, you will have new options for managing your Storefront in your account as shown in the following diagram:

  • Clicking on 'My Storefront' will allow you to view your Storefront as it appears to customers.
  • Clicking on Storefront Control Panel will allow you to configure your storefront as shown below.
  • Once you have completed your Storefront don't forget to 'turn your Storefront on'.

When you click on the 'Storefront Control Panel' you will find 5 options:

  1. Statistics - provides your with website visitor statistics on your storefront.
  2. Customise - allows you name your store, customise your Storefront, add your logo and a welcome message to the visitors to your Store.
  3. Categories and pages - allows you to add new categories and update the 'About Us' and other pages. Please see below for instructions.
  4. Newsletter - allows you to send e-mails to subscribers to your Store. If you would like to use the Newsletter option you must check the 'allow new subscribers' tab at the top of the page.
  5. Storefront Help - the link to this help option

Adding pages to your Storefront

Click on 'categories and pages'

If you would like to add a page that is not already created (remember you already have About Us, Home and Contact standard with your Storefront), click on 'Add New Content Page' and give it a name for example 'Terms and Conditions'.

Now Name your Category and add it to the default page:

You can now Edit the Content Pages as shown below and change the order of your pages if you prefer.

Adding categories to your Storefront

You can add a Category or a Sub Category to your store, for example a Category may be String Instruments and a subcategory under Strings may be Guitars. You can do this by:

  1. Selecting "Add a New Category" and give it a label as shown below.
  2. Click 'Save' and the new Category will show under your categories.
  3. If you would like to have a 'Sub-Category' click on 'Add sub-category' and save. You will now have a new sub category.
  4. If you would like to delete a Category or Subcategory, press 'delete'.

If you have any queries in setting up your Storefront please e-mail us on and we will answer your question. Our turn around time is 24 hours.

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