Classified Ad Safety

Selling on line can be fun and rewarding but you need to be responsible and cautious how you sell. Don’t forget that then you advertise online you get worldwide international exposure. Classified Musical suggests advertisers make themselves aware of potential risks associated with selling online and how trade safely.

Firstly, make sure that you have read Classified Musicals’ policies which include Terms of Use, User Agreement, Posting Rules, Privacy Policy and Classified Ad Safety. Understand what you can and cannot sell or offer.

  1. Always be truthful about what you are offering, explain your product or service in detail, use photographs so that the buyer can see the condition of the article, this will save you a lot of hassle later. If you are selling new goods, some countries have Consumer Protection Legislationcover new goods and services and these need to be taken into consideration and adhered to.
  2. Use a mobile (cell) phone number in your advertisement; if you use a landline number that is listed, someone can look up your address. The recommended form of communication for individuals is e-mail.
  3. If a local person wants to view your item or meet you, get their telephone number beforehand. You can contact them back telephonically to check that their telephone number is genuine. We recommend that you have someone else with you when you meet the person or when they view the item especially if at your home.
  4. Always ask for cash up-front. It is not recommended that you hand over any goods without receiving payment up-front. Personal cheques (checks) are not a recommended form of payment unless a Bank Guaranteed Cheque made out to you personally (not another person or company). You can request that the cheque be cleared before handing over the item.
  5. If the person wishes to do an Electronic Funds Transfer, ensure that you wait a day or two after the funds have been received. Buyers have been known to pay, receive the goods and then reverse the payment.
  6. If you are shipping or posting goods, remember to evaluate the cost of the shipping or postage first. Costs of postage and shipping can be high and you may want to include this in the cost to the buyer.
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