Creating a Great Ad

How do you make your ad stand out from the rest? There are four key stages to creating a successful ad; it is called the AIDA model:

  1. Create the attention
  2. Gain the interest of the buyer
  3. Get the buyer to desire your offer
  4. Get the buyer to take action


How do you make your ad stand out from the rest? Classified Musical allows you to include photos, video links, a title, content and to ‘feature’ your ad letting your buyer know about your offering. All these create the attention.

  • Use a catchy heading that grabs the reader’s attention.
  • Appeal to the person’s emotions that are buying your product or service.
  • Use photographs (buyers are more likely to view ads that have photos than those that don’t).
  • Use a link to YouTube if you are a musician (your talent can be viewed prior to them contacting you).
  • ‘Feature your ad’, it will show on the featured ads section on the front page of the website.


Create interest by:

  • Letting the white space in print work for you: This is an important layout element in classified advertising because the average classified page is heavy with small type. The more "empty" space in your ad, the more it will naturally be noticed. Boxing an ad (adding a simple border around it) automatically creates white space around it, which in turn automatically draws the eye.
  • Using full sentences, these are easier to read than random words or a series of phrases.
  • Make your copy complete.
  • If you were browsing the ads, would you stop to read your ad?
  • Use words and phrases that stand out from the rest.


Urge the buyer to take action now. This means that you get the buyer to want to take action immediately. Buyers do not like having to wait when they are interested in a product or service.

  • Have a call to action, for example “12 hour sale," "this week only," or "call now, won't last long", and you add extra incentive for the interested buyer to call you first.
  • It goes without saying that you must include contact details. Email, telephone numbers and explain the times that you can be contacted, for example after6pm or leave a message and I will return your call.
  • Use words such as ‘only one available’, ‘only available for X amount of hours per week’. This will give the buyer an indication of how quickly they need to take action.

Classified Ad Checklist

Every classified ad should include the following:

  • Sale date or days and hours
  • Price
  • Catchy heading
  • Product: Make, model, size and colour, new, used or reconditioned, service or warranty
  • Service: Expertise offered, overview of accomplishments
  • Photos
  • Name, phone number and e-mail
  • Businesses can include an address but this is not recommended for individuals for safety and can be discussed telephonically.
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