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Does Botcho cream work? Whats App +27726364222 

To answer this question, we need to dive deep into the matter. Our booties consist of muscles, connective tissues, subcutaneous fat, and all this is covered with skin. The roundness and ampleness of booties depends on the individual built of a body, the mass of muscles and fat. Men’s rear parts consist of muscles and women’s contain also a considerable amount of fat. How can one add ampleness to one’s booty? It’s possible to train muscles, causing their growth, it’s possible to eat more, storing fat (however, it will be stored in other places on your body, too). That’s it. No magic.

There’s no evidence that the usage of these creams is not healthy or harmful. The point is that there are numerous “home recipes” that are now sold in big amounts on the wave of the popularity of Botcho by Dr. Kigundu. We still don’t know what’s there in the so to say branded products, no need to say anything about the product of unknown hands under unknown conditions. This is why if you cherish your health and want to stay beautiful and healthy, try to avoid products that are produced not at a certain factory but by a person you don’t even know. Take c


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