Mystery Artist

Jacqueline Seymour

2014 will be a big year for Jacqueline Seymour. With EDM & Pop making its way hot again, on radio, and in the club scene, Jacqueline Seymour is breaking into the EDM music industry full force, in sync with great timing to the evolution of dance music. By putting a spin on EDM, with a tasty pizazz and twist of her own poppy sound, yet smooth angelic voice, she is quickly picking up the attention worldwide with labels and fans and radio stations globally. Two of her top radio hits are Just A Dream, and Back & Forth. All of her catchy & melodic, yet base banging, original tracks, are full of zest, and are hard to resist getting up and dancing to. Sure to be foot tapping and singing along to each song. With hardships in illness, growing up in the city of Worcester Massachusetts, Seymour's emotions and past physical pain, pour perfectly, powerfully, and professionally into her lyrics and vocals. Grabbing the attention with her talent, brains and beauty... G6 Records/EMI Music, Evo Records/ZYX Music, Ecstasy Records/XBox Music, Full Room Records & Davino Records, were not hesitant to scoop up the driven and dedicated artist for numerous collaborations in 2012-2013. Now with so many worldwide addicting tracks, released in all digital stores, Jacqueline is a sure thing, and a promising success to the world of evolving music, with a revealing and artistic story of her own, to be told...

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